Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Guest Post - Roper Rhodes

Anybody planning a bathroom redo anytime soon? We redid ours two years ago and I scoured articles, Pinterest, and blogs for inspiration. It was helpful gathering ideas and going into the remodel with a game plan and a stockpile of vintage goodies waiting to be displayed. 

I'm excited to welcome Alice who is guest posting on my blog today from Roper Rhodes who can give you some great tips on reflecting your style in your bathroom remodel. Enjoy!

How to create a 
vintage style bathroom

There are an infinite number of ways in which you can style your bathroom. Many people at the moment would prefer to have a modern bathroom that is stylish yet minimalistic with very few accessories, little decoration, and lots of shiny surfaces. This is not to everyone’s taste though; a vintage style bathroom can look just as good, if not better, than a modern one. Here are some tips on how to makeover your own bathroom in easy ways to reflect that vintage look.

If your bathroom already contains a fairly new suite, you probably won’t want to replace this as it can get a little pricey. Instead try adding a few touches here and there to get the vintage feel. And remember that not every piece needs to have a function in the bathroom. For example, search antique shops and auctions for furniture that is going cheap. A gorgeous accented armchair or sofa with colours that match the rest of the room would look fabulously vintage beside the bath tub.

On the other hand, you might have a bathroom that does need new appliances such as the sink, toilet or bath tub replacing. There are a number of places that produce ready-made suites that already have a vintage look, such as the cabinets by Roper Rhodes. You can also keep an eye out for authentically vintage pieces such as those old fashioned but stylish peach or avocado coloured suites. These are likely to be a bit more pricey, but are definitely worth it if you can afford them.

Shabby chic is very in at the moment. This means that you don’t need to source items that actually are shabby because they are on sale everywhere. If you’re handy at DIY, you could buy cheap pieces from charity shops and paint them up yourself. They look particularly effective in pastel shades with the edges slightly worn away. This can be done super easily with a piece of sandpaper. Just make sure not to overdo it!

Finally, try adding some vintage accessories around the room for those few finishing touches. Watch out for things like vintage soap dishes that you can place on the edge of the sink or the bath. Antique perfume bottles will have a similar effect as will old fashioned framed pictures and signs. Before you know it, you’ll have a unique and fashionable bathroom.

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