Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bathroom Redo Part 1

We are in the midst of a major bathroom overhaul right now! Fortunately for us, my parents own the house next door to us as rental property. It was between tenants when we first started the bathroom demolition a week ago, so we were able to use that bathroom. Let me tell you, it's pretty fun walking next door at 6:00 in the morning, underwear in hand, to get ready for work! But, we don't have to do that anymore because we now have a functioning toilet and shower!!! Would you like to see what we have been calling a bathroom for the last 7 years? Prepare's not pretty!

My husband took pictures after he started the demo, but you still get the idea. Knowing we were going to eventually redo the bathroom after we bought our house, we did very little to the bathroom but install the pedestal sink. Who knew it would take us 7 years!?!

As you can see from the ugly peeling wallpaper, exposed flooring and drywall, rusty lighting, and curling linoleum, we had our work cut out for us. So we thought it would be best to start from scratch. Everything got torn out down to the studs and sub floor.

We discovered the entire shower wall had to be rebuilt. It was so rotted from water damage.

That's all for now. Join me next week for Part 2 of our Bathroom Redo!

Monday, June 27, 2011

I Heart Silhouettes

I've been seeing lots of silhouette projects lately around blogland and they've inspired me to make my own of my son. I wanted to do something a little different than just a silhouette of Anderson's profile, so I did this:

It was the perfect addition to his nursery. It was a bit of a challenge trying to get him to sit still to get good pictures, but I think they turned out well! After taking the pictures I just used my Corel photo editing software to trace around his profile, hands and feet. Then I simply flood filled the images in black and filled the background in white, printed them on cream paper and framed them in ones I already had around the house. The project was absolutely free!!

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Outdoor Dining

Last night we were able to use our pallet table for the second time and enjoy a nice dinner on our patio. We had BLT rollers and fruit kabobs with fruit dip. It was simple, delicious, and a nice evening spent together as a family.


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