Monday, July 29, 2013

New Writing Desk

Do you remember the living room desk area I put together a few months ago? Well, I've already made some changes! I found the perfect farmhouse looking writing desk at a cute little antique store that I couldn't resist.

Here was the old desk which now resides in my craft room:

And here's the new desk!!!

I think it's so perfect as is!!! No paint for this baby!!
Which desk did you like better?

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

20 DIY Shelving Ideas via Hometalk

I've had the amazing honor of curating a DIY Shelving themed clipboard for Hometalk!! So fun!! I found 20 of my favorite projects and ideas shared on Hometalk that are quick, easy, and affordable! In my book you can never have enough shelving - especially when it's fun and creative! 
Are you on Hometalk? If not, it's a community of homeowners, renters, and home improvement pros who enjoy sharing ideas and advice about home and gardening. exists for one simple reason: to make home improvement better and easier for you. On Hometalk, you can ask and answer questions about home and gardening, share and view helpful and inspiring photos, and search and browse through thousands of previous discussions. 

I wanted to find DIY Shelving ideas that were beautiful and easy that would work with any style! 

I also included a couple of my own shelving projects: 

To see more details on my shelves and the other 18 ideas I rounded up, please click on any of the above photos to be taken to my Hometalk clipboard!! 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Three Drawer Wash Stand Makeover

I've been finding some really great furniture recently at thrift stores!!! I love it, especially since furniture has been flying out of my booth lately!!! One of my most recent finds was this three drawer wash stand/commode. 

As you can tell, it's in really great condition, but this was heading to my booth and the green and glazed look doesn't really fit in with my booth decor. So, I gave it a little makeover. 

I stripped down the top and the drawer and door fronts. 

Sorry, this is the only shot I got of the stripped top. I, of course, painted the rest antique white. 

I did not like how the insert on the door looked after the paint was stripped and sanded and stained with  Minwax Provencial stain so we changed the look a bit and added beadboard. 

Doesn't it look so much BETTER?!?!?

 (Does it bug anybody else how crooked that window is?!? I keep meaning to fix it!)

 I kept the drawer pulls and simply spray painted them white. 

One last look of the before and after

The wash stand is available in my booth at Collette's Vintage!!

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Amazing Goodwill Find

Nate and I made our weekly stop at Goodwill the other day and I immediately spotted an awesome pair of chairs!!!! I posted about them on Facebook and the fact that I couldn't buy them because they wouldn't fit in my car. I was bummed to leave them behind to say the least. 

After I got home I noticed I had a message from my friend Janet from White Barn Vintage. She said she was at Goodwill and was going to have the store hold the chairs for me until I could meet her there the next day with her truck and she would take them to my house!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awwww! She's the best!!!

So, I have the chairs and am now anxious to get started on trying my hand at reupholstering them! I'll keep you posted!!

See how gorgeous they are!?! 
Looking at this picture, I just noticed they are two different styles of chairs!!! 

 Aside from the dated color of the fabric, they are also quite stained

I do not think I will be attempting to keep the channels and tufting when I reupholster.............we shall see..........

I'm still debating on how I want to redo them. I am definitely painting the wood, but have not nailed down fabric. Grain sacks, linen and hemp are all options I'm considering!

If you have reupholstered chairs like this, or have seen tutorials, please send the links my way!!!

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Monday, July 8, 2013

Evolution of My Booth

Over a year ago, I followed a dream and took a leap of faith by renting a space at a new antique mall opening up in my town. It's probably one of the most impulsive, but one of the best decisions I've ever made!! I am having a BLAST!!!!

Over the weekend Nate and I built a new structure for my booth, so I thought it would be fun to take you back to where I started and share the evolution of my booth over the last year. 

It all began when my friend Dee from My Painted Stuff told me about an ad she saw in our local newspaper about an antique mall opening with a number to call for interested vendors. I dug the paper out from my recycle bin and called the number the very next day. After work Nate and I went over to check it out. I told him on the way - I'm just going to check it out, get some information, see what it's like. Riiiiggggghhhhtttt. I was there 20 minutes and left with a rented space!!! 

I had three weeks to get ready before their planned soft opening (one of those weeks I was down with the flu). Here's how I had everything set up by the time the mall opened. 

 It's SO empty!!!!!!! 

(I should mention that I purposely decided to keep a walk through in my space so it opens to an aisle on one side and the register on the other. It creates a nice path for people to the register, and allows a last minute glance through my booth as they head that way to check out. ;) )

A few weeks later I added some walls to define the space a little better. 

Then, a vendor moved into the space behind me and allowed me to attach my wall to theirs which gave me added space and support. 

There haven't been many changes since then, just some new shelving and always an influx of new inventory. 

The most recent changes over the last two weekends occurred because a new vendor moved in behind me and they did not want the existing structure - the same structure my wall was attached to. :/ So I purchased the structure, detached my wall, turned it around and reattached my wall. We also had to build a matching structure on the other side of my booth. 

There is still so much left to do and I can't wait to put together a final reveal post so you can see all I have planned for it!!!! 

Looking back at my booth a year ago with only a couple tables and crates, it's fun to see how much it's changed and how much I've sold!!! I'm having more fun than I ever imagined!! One of these days I need to share pictures of the antique mall itself! You would love it!!

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