Friday, May 31, 2013

Kitchen Sneak Peek........Please Don't Hate Me!

If you've been reading my blog for awhile then you know I've been talking about our kitchen redo for a loooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnggggggggg time! Almost two years to be exact! I first mentioned it way back in August of 2011 with this post about stripping cabinets and I've been teasing you ever since. 

Over Memorial Day weekend Nate and I busted butt and worked on nothing but the kitchen and have it almost finished except for a little bit of painting left, which I will be working on this weekend. So I'm going to torture you a little bit longer with a few sneak peeks......please don't hate me!

Just a quick recap on what the kitchen looked like before. 


Don't judge me people. I didn't know what I was doing 9 years ago!


And now for the sneak peeks

I tried to take pictures of only things you haven't seen yet in other posts.

Hey, how did Anderson get in here?!? Oh right, just my way of easing any angry feelings you may have toward me right now. How can you be mad with this sweet face smiling back at you????

Please, please, please come back for the GRAND REVEAL next week! Hopefully it will live up to your expectations! As for me, I'm thrilled with it and so happy to finally have it completed!!!

P.S. If you're still mad about all the teasing and the waiting, scroll back up to see that sweet face again! ;)

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Guest Post by Lisa Jolan

I'd like to welcome a guest poster, Lisa Jolan to my blog today! She has put together a wonderful article  that vintage/antique lovers will appreciate. If you are just beginning your journey with vintage/antique decorating and collecting, Lisa has some great tips on where and how to get started! Please leave some comment love for her!! It's a pleasure to have you here, Lisa! :)

Cool and Classy Vintage Décor
Shabby Chic, Vintage, Retro, Distressed, Architectural debris. There are so many terms used to describe the style of decor that we love. As a rule of thumb, I like to consider vintage decor to be adding some much needed personality and warmth to a room. There's a time and place for minimalist lines and primary colours, but if you ask me - I want my home warm and cozy, with a touch of history and romance!


It's All About the Details!
Elsewhere on this blog you will find that the key to unlocking a perfect vintage decor setting is the details. Check out some of the archives here or on other decor blogs. There's a world of information out there, and us vintage decor fans are a pretty friendly group of people!

Details, Details... Where to begin?
The secret to great vintage decor is the small details that you include in each room. These personal touches can be as big or small as you like. Sometimes less is more! It's easy to create a cluttered and claustrophobic feel if too many elements are used in one room.

Start by sketching out a rough idea for the room you are working on. Map out where you will place the main furniture items, and look for areas that will need some decoration or interest.

Some Places to Find Vintage Decor Items
1. Flea Markets are great fun, and a good family outing. Bigger flea markets have food and drinks available, and even live music. If there isn't one in your area, perhaps think about starting one and beginning a neighbourhood tradition.
2. Deceased Estate Auctions may seem a bit gloomy, but they can be a treasure trove of vintage delights.
3. Local Classifieds
4. Thrift Shops/Charity Shops can be a bit hit or miss, but some our favourite items have been bought here. 
5. Garage Sales can be a gold mine for vintage decor lovers. Grab the weekend newspaper for your local area from a 24 hour store on a Friday night, and plot out your plan of attack. Wake up early on Saturday morning, and enjoy the treasure hunting!

The Old Cinema is an online shop for vintage items shopping. They not only list antique home décor accessories but also frames, rugs, clothes, fireplaces, jewelry, pots, art works and much more. You must visit it.

The Foundation of a Great Room is Good Furniture
Good vintage decor is dependent on the small personal touches that we love, but it's important to have good strong furniture as a canvas for our artistic flair.

Vintage furniture has a style all its own. The popular trend over the last few years is to paint the furniture pieces white, and then distress them slightly to add an aged effect. This is a personal choice, and some people prefer natural wood, untarnished by paint.

So What Are You Waiting For? Go And Start Hunting For Treasure!
After you have the right furniture in your room, the rest of the decorating will be a piece of cake. Good hunting, brave vintage decor adventurer!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Frenchy Cabinet Redo

A couple months ago I found this cabinet at Salvation Army. 

I think it was a potato/onion bin? I'm not really sure, but whatever it was, it's clearly very outdated. The faux stain glass inserts in the doors are plastic. Those were the first things to go! 

I knew basically what I had planned for the cabinet, but I was stuck on what to do to that blank middle door. Until I found this on Pinterest!

And bonus - it's already reversed for you!! 

So now that I had a complete plan, I got to work and here's how the cabinet looks now!!

I painted it in my favorite antique white, added some rusty chicken wire, sanded and restained the top, and added the French graphic using this mod podge image transfer method. I think it looks so pretty! 

 I just bought some dried lavender bunches that will be heading into my booth soon!!

I decided to keep the original porcelain knobs, because there was nothing wrong with them and I think they still work with the cabinet.

 I just love the rusty chicken wire!!

 I sanded over the graphic a bit to give it a nice worn look. 

 Slight distressing

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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Bathroom Update

Is it just me or is it crazy we're half way through May already!?! How did that happen?!? Anyways I've got a ton of projects started, but not finished enough to blog about them so I thought I would share a little bathroom update today. We redid our bathroom two years ago - like a down-to-the-studs redo. You can see the original post HERE. Not too much has changed except some of the decor and the pictures are a little better this time around. 

 Ooops I didn't even notice my little photo bomber until now!

It's been two years and my drop cloth shower curtain is holding up well and I still love it!

 I've added quite a bit of shaving decor

And my shaving brush collection is a little crazy. 

 I also replaced the items that used to be in this box with milk glass apothecary jars. 


 I love ironstone shaving mugs!

We recently found this fabulous chippy stool. It was in my booth for awhile, but I brought it home after I realized it would be perfect for Anderson to use. 

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