Sunday, March 13, 2016

Perfect Linens Review and Coupon Code

“Life is too short for bad sheets! Do not just change your sheets… Change the way you buy your sheets.” — Perfect Linens
I have to admit that sheets are something I give very little thought to. I don't really pay attention to quality or thread count. I just buy what I need primarily based on cost alone and call it good. But then, those sheets eventually lose their shape, they pill, they scratch and are really not that comfortable so out I go to purchase another set. That way of thinking changed when I was contacted by Perfect Linens in November to review a set of their sheets. Specifically their TOASTMASTER set, which I received in January. Now I can't believe the difference a great quality set of sheets can make on a good night's sleep! Just like the company says, life is way too short for bad sheets and that is so very true!

The sheets are amazing!! They are cozy and warm and have held up so well to regular washings. No pilling, no stretched elastic. I actually look forward to climbing into bed each night. And with the weather getting warmer now, I'm considering purchasing a set of their cool sheets!
Their mission is to provide quality sheets that stand the test of time and I think they more than accomplish that!  

Here are some of the other reasons that Perfect Linens offers the best sheets on the market:
* They specialize. Other websites sell hundreds of different products. With 30 years experience supplying sheets to the biggest retailers; no one knows sheets like them. They test for the most comfortable sheets. Using instruments and analysis like Nike and NASA, they are unique with their novel emphasis on objective research.

* Sheets change with usage so they retest after multiple launderings. They evaluate how each sheet feels over it's lifetime, saving money and eliminating shopper frustration.

* They curate. Shoppers select from a curated selection of the most comfortable sheets. No more searching through hundreds of sheets on multiple websites.

* Their 45-night LOVE IT (use or abuse, they'lll accept the return) free-shipping-both-ways satisfaction guarantee.

Are you hooked yet? Perfect Linens has offered my readers 15% off your order of anything!! Please use code: ShabbyLove15.

*Disclosure - I was provided these sheets to review. All opinions are 100% my own.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Live Edge Spalted Maple Coffee Table

Hey friends! How does so much time slip by between my blog posts!?! I have every intention to get back to my normal once-a-week blogging routine, but it never seems to happen!
But, I'm back with something super exciting to share!!! My husband and I built a little coffee table today! It's one I have been dreaming about for a couple of years now!! I have been slowly plugging away at trying to finally get my living room finished up, and this was one of the projects on the list.
I've had a huge crush on live edge wood for awhile now and incorporated it into my house as a coffee table. I also love all things mid century modern, so we had to throw some hairpin legs in there for good measure!

I found both the live edge spalted maple wood and the hairpin legs on ebay. The wood came planed and sanded. My husband helped me attach the legs on with screws. I gave the top a couple coats of hemp oil to bring out the grain and I will be sealing it with some polycrylic to give it a little shine.  

The black lines running through the wood is the beautiful spalting!

Next on the list are a couple of new chairs for extra seating and I can call the room done!!

I am so happy to finally have this perfect table in place!
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Monday, January 18, 2016

More Plant Stands

Hey guys! I'm back again with a couple more plant stands/tables/shelves. I painted them both in General Finishes Antique White Milk Paint, so I thought I would just share them together. 

On this shelf, I used my new favorite paint method - dry brushing. It's so easy. One coat, no distressing, done! Love it.

I've never owned plants before so I'm pretty excited at how well I've managed to keep my little succulents alive!

And, I had to show a close up of this cute little Swedish gnome/Santa I found recently at a thrift store!! I love that he's white and wood. My favorite combo!

I love productive weekends and checking things off the list! What did you do during your long holiday weekend?

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Plant Stand Makeover

Hey guys!! I'm back with another painted table! This one could also be a plant stand. I'm not entirely sure. But whatever it is, it's super cute.

I used one of my most favorite General Finishes colors on the table - Seagull gray!! It seriously is the perfect gray!

Lately, I've been liking the look of really simple distressing. Simple has been my motto these last several months, so the look is extremely appealing to me right now.  

See what I mean?!?

What kind of distressing appeals to you? Simple? Extreme? None at all? Leave me a note in the comments and let me know!