Wednesday, February 15, 2012

25 Things

Shaunna over at Perfectly Imperfect is having a link party for 25 random things and I thought it would be fun to participate!

1. 10 years ago my husband and I met online in a random chat room. He moved to Michigan from Pennsylvania to be with me.

2. We celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary on September 29!

3. I am the Administrative Assistant at a historical Methodist church in Flint, Michigan (my husband is part of the maintenance staff).

4. After our son was born, the church allowed me to bring him to work with me for his entire first year.

5. Our son's name is Anderson - it was my maiden name.

6. It is a dream of mine to one day own a farmhouse set back in the woods with a tree lined driveway.

7. Another dream of mine is to open my own home decor business or have a booth in an antique store.

8. I actually prefer rainy days over sunny days.

9. The grey sky and sound of the rain is very relaxing to me.

10. Jane Austen is one of my favorite authors.

11. I've had quite a few people tell me I was born in the wrong era because of my love of old things. But, I've grown up seeing family decorate with time worn treasures so it was only a matter of time that I began to appreciate the history in things too.

12. I put Tabasco sauce on just about everything!

13. My husband calls me the condiment queen. In addition to Tabasco, I almost always use some sort of condiment on whatever I'm eating.

14. Whenever I buy coffee at Starbucks, before I take a drink, I make sure the opening on the lid and the cardboard cozy line up with the Starbucks logo on the cup.

15. I hate the actual taste of coffee so I use a ton of milk and sugar so I can drink it.

16. I'm left handed, but randomly do things better with my right hand (like throwing a ball).

17. I drink with 2 straws.

18. I'm very picky about meat and eat very little of it- I like chicken but not on the bone. I like bacon plain, not in casseroles or sandwiches...except for blt's. And the only beef I eat is ground hamburger.

19. I love movies!!! I have wasted many pre-baby days with movie marathons.

20. These days I have to wait and watch my movies after my son goes to bed. I'm lucky if I can sqeeze in one whole movie before my bedtime. :)

21. I HATE suspenseful movies or books. They stress me out.

22. If I read a suspenseful murder mystery, I flip to the end to make sure my favorite characters survive.

23. I have mini panic attacks if I'm running late somewhere. Ok, not really, but I really do hate being late and am usually at least 10 min. early anywhere I go.

24. I hate bugs. No explanation needed on this one.

25. I'm a chocaholic!!! I love, love, love chocolate. Especially dark chocolate!


  1. Fun! I didn't know you were from Michigan! Me too :) I went to UM-Flint for my masters degree & now work at UM-A2. Oh & I went to hs near Flint too... in Holly :) That's so awesome your work let you bring your son in!

  2. What a fun idea and a neat way to learn more about each other ♥

  3. Oh, now that sure was fun! Great getting to know you a bit better! Fun idea! Much love, Lisa

  4. I'm originally from Flint, Michigan!!! We moved to Las Vegas, NV 10 years ago, but I still miss home very much.

  5. Hi sweet Melissa! Happy Vaklentine's, have a great evening.
    I agree with you on the rain instead of the sun and yeah, sometimes I think I would've like to live on another, more simpler, era. So nice knowing you much better. Thank you for sharing.

  6. So fun to read your 25 things--it would be thought provoking! I should do it myself. What a great way to get to know people!

  7. I've never tried Tabasco on dark chocolate.....

    #6 kid at the ranch has my maiden name as his middle name. I love that.


  8. Loved reading your 25 things! :) Gives me a better picture of who I email! LOL Following you on Linky...would you be willing to follow back?? Thanks, Bliss!

  9. Oops...sorry, I typed Bliss instead of Melissa! :) I was reading the comment above me! LOL Can I blame it on age?? ;)


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