Monday, February 11, 2013

Hey Girl

Last week I heard about the Hey Girl Valentine Party happening over at Bliss Ranch! I forgot all about it until today, and I'm so glad I still have time to participate!

Head over and check out all of the hilarious Hey Girl Link Ups!


  1. After this week of reading the Hey Girls, I have concluded that many of my blogging friends are able to blog because we are married to wonderful men.


  2. These wonderful men are wild and wacky, too! Hey girl - I am glad you got to link up to the fun!

  3. That second one makes me grin all over!

  4. Super funny and too cute!! This party has been fun:) I made a Hey girl post too

  5. I completely understand the first one. Thanks for joining!!

  6. SO funny! He should be thankful he even HAS a walkway. #Don'tLookInMyGarage.


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