Sunday, March 24, 2013

Burlap Rosette Tutorial

Hi friends! How was your weekend!?! Mine went by too quickly, but it was productive! The antique mall where I have my booth is preparing for a big one year anniversary celebration, so I started working on things to cram my booth full for that weekend! 

Anyways, I had a reader request a tutorial for the burlap rosettes I made for lampshades a couple years ago that I also worked on putting together.

It's been awhile since I've made them, so I tried to replicate them as best as possible.

First start with your strip of burlap. Obviously the longer the strip the bigger your rosette will be - I think mine was about a foot and 1/2 long. I make my strips about 2 inches wide.

Next, fold in half and iron it down. 

Roll one end a couple times and glue in place. This will be the pretty center of your rosette.

While holding the end you just rolled, twist the rest of the strip. 

Then start to roll, continuing to twist the strip as you go. You can roll loosely and then tightly to get a variation in your "petals". Just play around until you get the look you're going for.

I have seen some tutorials where they glue as they go. I wait until the end incase you want to start over and try again.

Keep twisting and rolling until you're left with a little tail at the end. 

Flip your rosette over, place some glue in the center and glue your tail down.

Flip your rosette back over and fluff it a little. Pull the center out a bit to make it more prominent, loosen up some of the petals.

Arrange until you're happy with the result and start to glue here and there to keep it all in place.

Cut off any loose strings of burlap and you're left with a perfect rosette!

Thank you Cecilia for your request! I hope you and others will find this tutorial helpful!!


  1. Cute. Right now Im working on a pillow made with burlap,painters cloth and white fabric covered with roses! This helped me out! Thank you

  2. Thank you Melissa! You are so sweet to make the tutorial so I could see how you did it- I can't wait to try it out. I am doing a happy dance right now!! I just love your burlap roses!

  3. Thanks for this helpful tutorial!!

  4. That was one of the easiest tutorials that I found on the burlap roses. Thank you for sharing


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