Monday, April 28, 2014

New Inspiration Board

I'm still plugging away at my studio redo. I had four days off over Easter weekend so we were able to repaint the entire room, paint and install new baseboards, and I started moving in all the furniture pieces I'm using for organization. We still need to finish the trim around the window and replace the doors and door trim. Even with those last few little projects, the room already looks so good!! Today, I thought I would share my desk area that I set up and my new inspiration board. 

A couple of years ago I used this crib mattress spring as my inspiration board, but I was ready for something different. 

Last summer we hit some garage sales around our neighborhood and I came across a HUGE beautiful frame for a great deal! Our car was full with other garage sale finds and it wouldn't fit, so poor Nate had to walk home with it.....luckily it was only one block. :) It was supposed to go to my booth, but I just couldn't let it go! 

With a little chicken wire stapled to the back, I turned it into my new inspiration board. 


I considered painting it, but I didn't want to lose the character and patina. 

Just look at the detail!

And, I can't seem to stop buying house numbers when I see them even though I have a ton that I never remember to use. I thought if I put them on display, I wouldn't forget about them so easily. 

I think I am going to stain the fence board top of the desk darker to match the other darker wood tones in the room. It looks a little out of place right now. 

I was using this vintage sugar mold as a candleholder, but it was just collecting dust on a shelf. I love it on my desk as a functional storage piece! 

Did you notice my AWESOME bentwood chair?!?!

I am in LOVE with the leather, the nailhead trim and dark wood!!!


It is all coming together so nicely!!!! I can't wait to share more so stay tuned!!! 

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  1. What a great frame, Melissa! I would have strapped it to the top of the car if I had to just to get it home! : ) Love the chicken wire. I just suggested this to a bride-to-be who bought a large rectangular frame with chalkboard from my booth on Saturday.

  2. Oh I love it all and I adore the frame, it is fabulous, what a find. The chair is amazing, I've never seen one like it. Look forward to seeing more of the room. I would love to have you link up to Inspire Me this afternoon. Party goes live at 3 PM. Hope to see you there.

  3. The frame is gorgeous!!! And i absolutely adore the frozen Charlotte propped on your desk. I love anything with nailhead - that chair is perfection. Great office!

  4. Glad you didn't paint the frame, it looks wonderful!

  5. I am in LOVE with that frame! We recently put a huge one in our hallway, but it is not in as nearly good condition as yours. And that chair...anytime you want to package that one up and send it my way would be just fine. ;)

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  6. That vintage sugar mold is so awesome! What a fun and clever way to use it! I can't wait to see more of your studio reveal :)

  7. It all looks great! Luv that frame too, but the day that I ask my hubs to walk home with something from a yard sale...oh my...I just can see the look that I will get.


  8. LOVE the numbers hanging on your frame. What a fun and inspiring little spot :)


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