Sunday, June 29, 2014

Fun Finds of the Week #1

As many of you know, I have a booth at an antique mall which gives me a great excuse to hit up all the thrift stores in my area several times a week. There is a constant flow of new things coming in and out of my house, and except for pictures I share on my facebook page, I rarely get to show you my finds here before they make their way to my booth. 
Now that I have the internet at home again, I decided to start a new weekly series showcasing these new finds!! 
To kick things off, here are some of my favorites!!
This nautical charts poster has already been claimed by Meg from Furniture-ology, but I plan to admire it until I can find a box big enough to ship it to her. ;) And the Qaurtet bar set is one of my husband's recent finds for his wall in my booth. They are corks, a bottle opener and corkscrew. It's such a cool set!
I've been collecting globes to eventually set up a vignette in my booth. My mom wants the tan one and Meg wants the one on the right. Guess I'll just have to buy more. ;)

My glass head obsession continues and the official "head count" is now up to five! The guy in the middle is my newest and he has hair, which I've never seen before. For now, the heads are keepers.

My brass collection is also growing and I'm loving all the animals. So much detail.

I absolutely LOVE this bakelite bowling trophy! I found two actually, but one has already been taken to my booth. This one I plan to hold onto for awhile. 

I think Target made these fake succulents in a faux cement planter especially for me. I've been wanting to grow succulents for some time now, but I'm not much of a green thumb. Until I'm ready to venture into growing real ones, these fakes will suffice. And you already know I love anything cement, so the planter sealed the deal for me when I found this at Goodwill. 

 I have found some great ironstone pieces lately!
Love this lion head dish!

I am so excited about this metal green work light!

 Also loving these gold pieces and this Mid Century Modern owl tray.

 I have an idea on what to do with these shield plaques. I will share soon if all goes as planned.

 More brass goodies

In love with this feather bell!!
And these brass deer bookends just rock, plain and simple!
What have you come across recently?
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  1. Great finds, Melissa! I love the globes. I'd love to find a few to add to the one I have in our home office. I think they make for a nice collection because they seem to come in so many colors and sizes.

  2. What fun finds Melissa. The globes are great and love bowling trophy how fun is that?! Have a great start to the new week.

  3. Love the globes. You have some cool pickins there!
    Wishing you great finds and have fun!

  4. Ha. I have an owl plate I found recently that matches your tray!


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