Thursday, October 9, 2014

Changing Things Up

Last year at this time we gave our living room a complete redo. We stripped wallpaper, painted the walls, added new baseboard trim, and repainted the huge floor-to-ceiling entertainment center! Not much has changed in the room over the year, except for the entertainment unit.
When the room was first finished, this is how I styled the shelves.
I tend to use this as a holding area for things destined for my booth. I put them here so I can enjoy them for awhile before I take them to my space. So, many of the things here have either been sold or have found other places to reside in my home.
I've been wanting to change things up for awhile now, but I was stuck in a rut. I couldn't decide on the "look" I wanted to go with and I didn't know what I wanted to permanently keep. For months, I would style a shelf, not really love it, become frustrated and walk away.
FINALLY, this past weekend I decided I was going to tackle the shelves once and for all!!! I went through everything I didn't want to keep and took it all to my booth. Then I worked until I filled all the shelves. I'm sure I'll tweak some later on, but overall I'm content! 

The porcelain door knobs and brushes have been tucked away, unseen, in the locker baskets, so I brought them out in the open to be enjoyed and admired!

These framed photos are of my husband's grandfather. I love having them on display!

What do you think of the new arrangement?


  1. This looks fabulous, as usual!

  2. I love how you have styled your shelf! Everything is so interesting to look at and those curtains add a nice softness to the look.

  3. Look amazing! It's it nice to get things just the way you like them. You have so many interesting items scatter around it's hard to pick a favorite - - but I do like the look of the shelf with the wood box filled with candlesticks - simplicity and beauty - love it!

  4. What a beautiful display with all your baskets and vintage findings!

  5. I think your newly restyled shelves look fabulous! There is such a good balance of symmetry, color and texture, and related themes (the white porcelain, the greenish-greyish "talking heads" [that is what I call them], the wood, and you actually put some books on your shelves too, good for you. I'm a book fanatic. I am not so much a fan of the curtained cubicles. What's behind doesn't need to be opened to view; I think doors would look good and hide needed storage space stuffed with stuff (as we all do). Or perhaps a roll-up curtain or mini Roman shade, a somewhat more tailored and fitted look to "frame out" the spaces without the rod pocket top and gathers, not quite so rustic looking? Well, what do I know - not much! I love what you did and think it's amazing.


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