Sunday, October 5, 2014

Woodland Animal Plaque Tutorial

Hey guys!!! I promised a tutorial on how to make the woodland animal heads that I shared in my post about my booth decorated for fall.

It has taken me long enough, but I was finally able to put one together for you today!!! Yay!

For this project you will need:
* Wood plaque to mount your animal head
* Piece of scrap wood
* Printed image of animal silhouette
* Graphite paper
* Scroll saw
* Sandpaper
* Screws
* Paint or stain
I found these plaques at thrift stores, but I believe I have seen the unfinished one below at craft stores like Michael's.

Once you have your plagues, find a piece of scrap wood in the thickness you want the animal head.

I found a silhouette of a moose head and deer heads online and printed them. You will also need a piece of graphite paper to trace your image.

With the graphite paper underneath your image, trace with a pen or pencil.....

So that you're left with your animal head transferred onto your piece of scrap wood.

Nate used his scroll saw to cut it out for me. If you do not have a scroll saw, some other type of hand saw may work with a design that's not quite so intricate.  

I gave everything a good sanding to smooth out all the rough edges.

After I determined where I wanted the heads placed on the plaque, we attached the two together by screwing through the back of the plaque.

The final step is to paint or stain in the color of your choice! Make sure to use a small artist's brush to get into all the nooks and crannies. Spray painting might even be the way to go for these too.

If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to email me!!
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  1. I love love love what you did here! I would love to put these in a nursery or a little boy's room! So cute! Thanks for sharing! Found you through the Frugal Crafty Home Blog Hop!

  2. Amazing, I love what you did, you are awesome! I don't have that great machine and I am not as TALENTED, either!
    I'm so happy to come by and visit you pretty Melissa. Every month I have a Rosary gathering tea and when do up my guest bathroom and place your pretty tea towels I always remember you.
    Have a wonderful week ahead.

  3. great job! i love it :)

    ps. kisses from Poland!

  4. Too adorable and a scroll saw is now on my Christmas list!!

  5. Usaing a scroll saw!! That looks super fun, and could be addicting.

  6. Thank you Melissa for your sweet comment. I am an Oct. Libra girl, so yes, I love Fall and can imagine all the celebs in this month for you all, how fun!

  7. These are just too cute, I'd love it if you shared this on Worthwhile Wednesdays!

  8. So, so awesome!! Love the idea - thanks for sharing!

  9. I just love these - and love that you did them all white even more - you could be selling them!!!
    Beautiful job!

  10. What a fabulous project! You make it look so simple! I'd be thrilled if you shared this at my Creative Ways Link Party that goes live on Wednesdays at 8pm central.

  11. So cute! I really want a scroll saw and my sister loves moose. Maybe I can convince my husband we need that saw for this project...

    Visiting from Project Pin It!

  12. These are adorable! Thanks for the tutorial!
    Have a great weekend!

  13. I just adore this project! Thanks for sharing. I have been asking my hubby for a scroll saw for Christmas for three years now. I'm hoping this is the year I finally get one - fingers crossed! LOL


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