Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Best Mother's Day Present EVER!!!!

Several months ago an idea hit me of what I wanted for Mother's Day. So, I immediately went to etsy.com looking for what I had in mind. I added a few shops to my favorites to refer back to when Mother's Day was approaching.

Then, I read this post over at Dear Lillie and I knew exactly who I was contacting about my Mother's Day gift. Jennifer posted about Kerstin and her etsy shop - craftedbykerstin.

I contacted Kerstin and she made me this:

Now do you see why this is the best Mother's Day present EVER?!?! It's absolutely beautiful!!!!

The silhouettes of my son are my favorite parts of the necklace, obviously, but I love every detail right down to the brass chain.

The addition of the brass tag and pearl dangle are the perfect finishing touches! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! 

Thank you Kerstin for my lovely necklace! 
Go visit Kerstin today and see what other beautiful pieces she has to offer! 


  1. What a precious necklace & the perfect Mother's Day present. Nice choice. Every mother should have one of those. Dee from My Painted Stuff


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