Saturday, June 30, 2012

Shelf Redo

I found this shelf at Goodwill recently and knew it would be the perfect display piece in my booth, but the pink paint had to go!

The same day I found the shelf I also hit the enamelware jackpot! I knew I wanted to display the enamelware on this shelf so I chose a color that would make the white enamel pop!

So, I chose this gorgeous bluish gray color I already had around the house. I love it!

So much better than pink, right? :)

I'm trying really hard not to want to keep this coffee pot for myself. 

I know it'll be a little gross having an enamel urinal sitting in my booth, but it's not very often I see one of these. 

This little pot is very tempting to keep for myself too.

Here's a close up of the beautiful gray!

I love the scalloped part of the shelf.


  1. really really lovely -
    I have to tell you I was looking at the odd shaped " pourer " and thought " well isn't that unique "
    I would probably have bought it - and used it to serve drinks, lmao
    Urine anyone?
    Beautiful job! On the display cabinet - and finding those fab pieces!

  2. The cabinet looks the pieces - the urine pot I'm not so sure about that one :) but I did learn something new from your post today.

  3. I love the collected look of the pots together. Keep them all! They fit perfectly into those littl ecubbies, especially the ones on the bottom!

  4. Came over from Overflowing to see the shelf. Great job merchandising your items on that shelf. I think the urinal would look great in the garden or bathroom with a trailing plant in it!

    Distressed Donna Down Home

  5. Awesome shelf! I'm visiting from It's Overflowing as well.

    Love your finds, you've styled it perfectly :)

  6. Don't you just love it when things work out as they should? Great use of the shelf. Thank you for sharing it with The "Sunday Stop". Stay cool this weekend!

  7. Your cabinet looks amazing and you did hit the enamelware jackpot! Great score! Love your style!

  8. the urinal goes well with the child's potty pot on the bottom shelf. Looks great but don't cook in them!

  9. The cabinet looks so much better in this color. Great job! I had to giggle at the urinal. One day while I was cleaning my booth, a man came up to me complaining about the booth next to mine, because they had an enamel "thunderpot" among their cooking pots n pans. He was quite irrate and thought it was mine.

  10. Love the simplicity of this great job the pop of yellow is cute too :)

  11. White is where it's at with that enamelware. As a RN the urinal gives me the chills. When I was pregnant years ago I would be sick every time I emptied a urinal in the hospital. Visiting from Marty's.

  12. What a great display shelf. Perfect for your wonderful enamelware pieces.
    Mary Alice

  13. Yay! What a wonderful find. And all that enamelware goodness! Great shelf candy! I love enamelware especially red and white. You really put it all together in a great way.

  14. This is lovely! I never find good stuff like that! Thanks for sharing at our Handmade Tuesdays party.

  15. What a great collection of enamelware!
    I've bought and sold so much enamelware, and I can honestly say I've NEVER seen an enamel urinal! Enema, yes. Urinal, no.
    Too funny!

  16. That is truly the perfect shelf for a perfect collection.

  17. Fabulous shelf!! Love the rustic feel to it. And LOVE your collection of pots!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality! :)

  18. Great shelf and lovely collection! Thank you for sharing. Visiting from Beyond the Picket Fence. Would love it if you would share this at my Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Wishing you a grand evening. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  19. Great find!!! I'd have trouble parting ways with some of those great enamel pieces, too!
    XO, Aimee - It's Overflowing

  20. What a fantastic collection of crockery you have. I love the way you post. Nice one.

  21. Love the shelves and enamelware! Great find!! Do you happen to know the name of the grey paint color?! Thanks a bunch, Hayley

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